Review Policy

Please read over my review policy before contacting me about a review.

Review copies I will accept:

  • ARC
  • Galley
  • Finished copy

I apologize for the inconvenience, but at the time I am not able to read and review digital/ebook copies. This will hopefully change in the future.

    [If you are a company that sells bookish merch, does monthly subscription boxes, etc. in relation to the young adult genre, I would love to  review your products/stuff! All rules in this review policy still apply 🙂 ]

    Genres I review:

    Since this is a young adult book blog, I will accept and review young adult books from any genre, other than paranormal (by paranormal I mean ghosts, etc. Supernatural is fine, ex. vampires, werewolves, etc.) If the book has slight paranormal aspects, I will accept that. I am not picky when it comes to books, as long as they are for teens and not tweens.

    Genres I will not review:

    Anything that is not part of the young adult genre and books that are in the young adult genre, but are for tweens.


    At the moment, I will  accept/review self-published books or books published through indie publishers. 

    About my reviews:

    My reviews will include the title of the book, my rating (see my how I rate page for more information), release/publication date, the author’s name, the publishing company’s name (of the format I read), format I read the book in, and the summary of the book from the publisher or Goodreads. I will also include a photo of the book’s cover as the “banner” for the post. At the end of my review I will state whether I recommend the book or not. Every single one of my reviews will be completely honest, and only based off my opinions/feelings about the book. I am also a high school student and I don’t always have time to read. I can’t guarantee how quickly I will read and review the book, but I will try my best to post the review the week/month of the release date, if not the exact day. I will guarantee that the majority of books I receive will be reviewed. To ensure efficiency/due dates, I will read/review books in the order that they are published/released in order for me to be able to read and review the book in a reasonable amount of time.

    Other places I will possibly post my reviews:

    I always post my reviews on my Goodreads page, and I will sometimes post them on my Instagram account. I will notify my followers on all my accounts when I have a new blog post/review up. These accounts can be found on my page, the usernames are also below.

    Other Social Media: