Review Policy

Please read over my review policy before contacting me about a review.

Review copies I will accept:

  • ARC
  • Galley
  • Finished copy

I apologize for the inconvenience, but at the time I am not able to read and review digital/ebook copies. This will hopefully change in the future.

[If you are a company that sells bookish merch, does monthly subscription boxes, etc. in relation to the young adult genre, I would love to  review your products! All rules in this review policy still apply đŸ™‚ ]

Genres I review:

  • Adult
  • Young Adult

Genres I will not review:

  • Middle Grade
  • Horror


At the moment, I will accept/review self-published books or books published through indie publishers.

About my reviews:

My reviews will include the title of the book, my rating (see my how I rate page for more information), release/publication date, the author’s name, the publishing company’s name (of the format I read), format I read the book in, my own synopsis of the book, and my spoiler-free review. I keep all of my reviews spoiler-free so that everyone can read them, regardless of whether or not they have read the book. Every single one of my reviews will be completely honest, and only based off my opinions/feelings about the book. I will try my best to post the review the week/month of the release date, if not the exact day. I can guarantee that all of books I receive will be reviewed with the exception of unsolicited review copies which I will review, but will not prioritize. To ensure efficiency/due dates, I will read/review books in the order that they are published/released in order for me to be able to read and review the book in a reasonable amount of time.

Other places I will possibly post my reviews:

I always post my reviews on my Goodreads page, and I will sometimes post them on my Instagram account. I will notify my followers on all of my social media accounts when I have a new blog post/review up. These accounts can be found on my page, the usernames are also below.

Other Social Media: