Hopping on the ship of nostalgia! (Top 5 Wednesday)

Hello friends! I’m going to try and participate in at least one weekly meme so that I can post more than just the book reviews I’m going to be uploading on Saturdays.

This week I am going to be participating in Top 5 Wednesday! This week’s topic is: Nostalgic Ships! Check out the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads page here to see the weekly topics if you’re interested in participating!

There are so many ships from books I read a while ago and looking through my Goodreads shelf and my actual shelf to activate the memories was kind of wild.

  1. Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games – I remember when I first read The Hunger Games and I shipped these two SO HARD. I was a complete Peeta and Katniss fangirl and now that I look back I feel like it was just because I imagined myself with Gale hahaha.
  2. Tris and Tobias from Divergent – This is basically the same thing as with Peeta and Katniss, but when I read Divergent I remember being so obsessed with these two. I was so invested in their relationship and that made me so invested in the story.
  3. Margo and Quentin from Paper Towns – I gave my copy of Paper Towns away because I knew that I would never read it again, but I remember when I was obsessed with this book and I was completely in love with the idea of Margo and Quentin. When they went on their little adventures I was basically squealing because I thought it was so cute. Their relationship high key tore me apart when I was younger because I was way too invested haha.
  4. June and Day from Legend –  Honestly now that I look back I think their romance was a little rushed but I remember myself not caring and just being obsessed with how their personalities meshed together. Even though I remember not enjoying this trilogy too much I think the romance was the saving grace for me.
  5. Levi and Cath from Fangirl – Now this still remains my favourite ship ever I think. Levi was the most perfect character in my eyes and I saw so much of myself in Cath that I just adored their relationship so much.

Now that I think about it, I really want to reread these series (especially The Hunger Games and Divergent) because I want to feel ALL the nostalgia! Awww this post was actually so fun to do; all the nostalgia is the best! I wish I had more time to reread books honestly.

What are some of your nostalgic ships? Do you still ship any of them? Let me know in a comment!


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