I mean, it was pretty epic… (spoiler-free review)

Hey friends! Long time no see, eh? Really long story short: I’ve been really overwhelmed with school, work, and university applications (you know, all the things that come with being a high school senior) and haven’t had any free time. I’ve only read one book since August (oops) and am just now getting enough free time to finally sit down and prepare a blog post for you guys! I have some reviews already planned out so I’m hoping that’ll get me back on my feet here enough to at least put out a new blog post per week. Thank you for your understanding; I appreciate all of you!

Anyways, now onto the review!

Title Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Author – Morgan Matson

Rating – 4/5

Release Date – May 3rd, 2011

Publisher – Simon & Schuster

Format – Paperback

Amy can’t drive. Well, she can, but ever since the accident she freezes up at the mere thought of getting behind the wheel. The problem is, she’s moving across the coutnry and she has to find a way to get there. Then Roger comes along, an old family friend who just happens to be able to drive Amy where she needs to go. Amy and Roger depart on a road trip that entails way more than they bargained for.

As a fantasy reader I am always very hesitant to dive into a contemporary read here and there. I think I’ve found my kind of contemporary author in Morgan Matson though because her books are amazing! She just has this writing style that makes you really be able to put yourself in the story as the characters which pulls you right in and makes the story so addicting!

Amy is such a relatable character in my opinion. As someone who can tend to be awkward and shy, I found myself identifying with Amy’s situation a lot which was really cool. All of the characters in the novel generally felt very realistic. They all showed emotions very relevant to their situation and they never felt very dramatic or cliche. The fact that the characters felt so realistic made it pretty tough to read through Amy’s flashbacks because they were very personal and sad; I think I even teared up a few times.

Something that made this reading experience really unique were the multi-media aspects. The playlists and the photos added so much to the story and I think that if you’re able to focus on reading while listening to music (which I unfortunately cannot) then I’d highly suggest to listen to Roger’s playlists as you read along and follow him and Amy on their journey!

Slow-burn romance always gets me and this book did exceptionally well at it. You could feel the tension building up throughout the book and the relationship was just so cute.

Another thing that I thought added a lot to the story were the side characters. I wish we got to see more of them because they were all so fun to read about. Lucien and Bronwyn especially were the most kind-hearted characters ever and I’m so happy that Amy and Roger got to meet and spend time with them.

I’m really happy that I picked this book up and am really looking forward to reading more of Morgan Matson’s books!

What’s your favourite Morgan Matson read? Can you focus on reading while listening to music? What have you been reading lately? Let me know in the comments; let’s chat!


6 thoughts on “I mean, it was pretty epic… (spoiler-free review)

  1. Cindy says:

    I loved Morgan Matson’s Save The Date and I really want to get onto her other books! The plot sounds so good and I love that it’s multi media. This might just have to be the next Matson book I pick up!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jorie Story | #amwriting💜🦝 (@joriestory) says:

    Hallo, Hallo Taylor,

    This is one of those stories I discovered at my local library – had the best of intentions to be reading it and then, of course, only accomplished one thing: I checked it out a heap but never had the chance to actually (sigh) read it! (facepalm) I know?! There are loads of books I’m hoping to borrow in the NY I haven’t had the chance to read over the past five years as a book blogger – I really would like to finally say “hey, I’ve read that!” or “wells, it became a part of my feature #25PagePreview” – depending on if I’ve actually found traction to read the stories and/or find they’re simply not my cuppa after all! :O

    Don’t worry about your blog – the best news is that your readers will adapt to your pacing with the posts and frequencies. You have a lot of life to live right now and if your blog is on the backburner, I am sure they will understand given what you’ve disclosed!

    Ooh! Great idea! I would love to do that! Are those playlists on Spotify or are they listed to where we can randomly pull up the songs and hear them as we’re reading? You had me curious about that! Maybe their on the author’s site? hmm.

    Yes, I’m one of those readers who listens to music and reads; I don’t always listen to lyrical music as I’m reading as sometimes that is too difficult – but I do find most stories have their own inherent soundtrack – you just have to read and sort out the music which compliments the story; my standby though is ambient electronica soundscapes as it truly ‘fits’ more than it doesn’t! Plus those soundscapes are relaxing to settle inside – whether writing OR reading!

    After reading this review, I am seriously wondering – what took me so long!? Need to pencil this in for early 2019! Thanks for bringing up an old selection of mine which needs to move to the top of my TBR! By the by, you didn’t say – do you love road trips as much as the lead characters?!

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