WAVEing goodbye to my feelings (spoiler-free review)

Title – These Rebel Waves

Author – Sara Raasch

Rating – 5/5

Release Date – August 7th, 2018

Publisher – Balzer + Bray

Format – ARC from publisher

Adeluna. A soldier who fought for Grace Loray as a child, sent out by her father to be a rebel and resist the oppressor Argrid. In the present day Lu struggles with her memories and adjusting to life without war. When an Argridian politician vanishes during tense peace talks Argrid calls for justice, but Lu believes something more dangerous is lurking under the surface. Devereux. A pirate outlaw known as a steam raider trying to make a living in Grace Loray by selling the island’s magic plants on the black market. When steam raiders are blamed for the vanishing of the politician, Vex is a new target. He agrees to help someone find the politician, but things don’t go as planned. Benat. A heretic and crown prince of Argrid who holds a forbidden love of Grace Loray’s magic. When his father offers for him to take away the Argridian fear of magic, Ben has to question whether or not it is a trap. What are Grace Loray and Argrid going to to do protect peace…or harbour war?

If I’m being honest the beginning was so confusing and definitley did not hook me at all. I didn’t know what was going on since there were multiple perspectives and I felt like I knew absolutely nothing about the world. It honestly felt like a sequel to me at the beginning which really reminded me of Onyx and Ivory at the beginning. What it also reminded me of was the ending of that book where it got so good, everything connected and started making sense, and I realized that it was all a writing tactic.

The characters in this novel were my favourite part. Lu was so badass and intelligent. Vex was so funny and his humour made me laugh out loud; he really reminded me of Nikolai which made my heart melt. I felt like we didn’t get too much of Ben but after the ending I have a strong feeling that we will get a lot more of him in the next book (which I am very eagerly anticipating). Vex’s crew (Edda and Nayeli) were also so hilarious and made me laugh so much and I’m glad we got to see quite a bit of them. Teo was the sweetedt kid ever and I wanted to just give him the biggest hug and make his life perfect (seeing him sad broke my heart). Cansu and her raiders were soooooo cool and I really enjoyed the little parts they were in the book. The characters were all very realistic because of their variety of human emotions that they were not afraid to show.

My favourite thing about multiple POVs is when the characters are separate and then eventually they intertwine which is exactly what this book did and I was so happy with how the book ended up by around 60 pages in. The way the POVs all worked out made the story so addicting because you could see the little snippets of connections and you just wanted to keep reading so that you could see the POVs collide and for the characters to finally interact with one another.

Trudging through the beginning was so worth it because after that confusion the details seamlessly come together to make such a smooth and action-packed story that is so nice to read through. The thing that set this off was a plot-twist which was insane and changed the entire course of the book, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

The world was such an amazing fantasy world. The magic system with the plants wa sso unique and the way it intertwined with the politics of the world through the syndicates, the council, and the different countries made me so content. I love political stuff in books so the treaty and threat of war between Grace Loray and Argrid was amazing.

I can’t say much more without spoiling things, but this is one of my new favourites and I think I will be reading many more pirate books!

Have you read These Rebel Waves? Are you planning on reading it? What are your favourite pirate books? Let me know in a comment!


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