What thorns? The ones in my heart? Oh, that’s fine, this book is worth it! (spoiler-free review)

Title – Heart of Thorns

Author – Bree Barton

Rating – 5/5

Release Date – July 31st, 2018

Publisher – Katherine Tegen Books

Format – ARC from publisher

Mia wants revenge. Revenge againts the Gwyrach, the evil creatures that killed her mother. In this world only women have magic and even though it isn’t all of them, they are all suspected of possessing it. The half-girl half-god Gwyrach are feared, hated, and hunted. Mia is set on searching the four kingdoms to find the one who took her mother’s life when her father changes her plans when he announces that she will marry Quin, prince and heir to the throne. Mia is thrown into a future that she never wanted, so she plans an escape, but something she cannot run away from is a truth about herself.

Wow, guys!! This book was amazing and so addicting! Mia was such a fantastic and unique main character because she has an intense fascination with human biology! I’ve never seen a main character in a fantasy novel with that kind of main character so this was so cool! Mia’s family dynamic was so mysterious and her connection to her mother was outstanding. The whole thing with her mother’s journal revealing itself to her made me choke up because it was like the mother was with her even though she’s physically gone.

The magic system in this book was really cool because it’s exclusively for women. In their case it is a negative because all women are suspect and have to wear gloves and are kept very secluded (ex. not aloud to make physical contact for the most part). It made me really sad because there was no way to really prove you aren’t a Gwyrach and since they’re so dangerous everyone fears all women.

The writing was very detailed and laced with humour which I loved. There were intersting chapter titles which was so cool since I feel like I don’t read many books where the chapters actually have names instead of numbers.

The romance in this novel made me so happy since it was slow-burn (which means no insta-love yeaaahhhhh).

Quin is my new favourite because he’s so sweet, resourceful, and just all-around perfect.

The plot-twists were pretty crazy and the ending was even more crazy. It set up perfectly for a sequel which I really hope there wil be.

Have you read Heart of Thorns? Are you planning on reading it? Let me know in a comment!


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