The new BookBeau?! (Bookish Shop Feature, @zbbooksleeves )

Have you always wanted something to keep your books from getting damaged? Have the costs of shipping prevented you from buying a book sleeve to do so? Look no further than @zbbooksleeves a new, Canadian Book sleeve shop with so many cute book sleeves to choose from! With the initial affordable price and amazing shipping costs ($3 in Canada, $8 to United States) you can keep your books safe in a cute way that won’t break the bank! You can find the links to the Etsy shop and Etsy shop’s Instagram at the end of this post!

Kristi contacted me on Instagram asking is I’d want to be one of the first to receive and review one of her book sleeves! I said yes because I love helping out small shops and I received the book sleeve last month! Shipping took less than a week which I was really happy about!

ZBBooksleeves are made of 100% cotton designer quality fabric and a cotton/polyester double layer of padding. The book sleeve can be bent in half and return to it’s original shape/form afterwards! The double layer of padding keeps your book extra safe! They’re also lightweight which is good since that means no extra weight when travelling!

The book sleeves she has up in her shop now are 7.5 by 10 inches. I find that the sleeve is stretchy so you can fit a 450 page standard-size hardcover or a 600 page standard-size paperback as pictured below (page numbers are approximate).


I really recommend that you go check out Kristi’s amazing shop! Click here for the shop’s Instagram. Click here to be brought to the Etsy shop!

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