Bookmarks that fit every book! (Bookish Shop Feature, @thegraduatedbookmark )

Hello book lovers and welcome to a new type of post that I will be putting up on my blog! Through my Bookstagram account (always linked at the end of my blog posts) I have been chosen as a rep for some amazing small shops that sell bookish merch! I am going to feature these products here so that I can give them recognition on a different platform!

So, today’s feature post is for a lovely bookmark shop! TheGraduatedBookmark is an Etsy shop owned by a fellow Canadian named Morgan Morgan designs absolutely beautiful bookmarks of high quality and adds a special Canadian touch to each one. All of Morgan’s links will be at the end of this post along with a discount code that you can use to get 10% off of your purchase at her shop!

In December 2016 I was chosen as one of the first reps for Morgan’s (then) brand new shop! This shop will always hold a special place in my heart since Morgan was the first to give me a chance and choose me as a rep. At the (supposed) end of my rep term, Morgan contacted me to be a permanent rep, I was honoured! Of course I accepted! I am so happy to be sharing her lovely shop with you all! I wanted to post this feature at this time because Morgan has recently decided to close her shop. The official closing date is on June 1st, 2017. Now that you know this, you can go stock up on her gorgeous bookmarks before it’s too late (of course using the discount code found at the end of this post to get 10% off of your purchase)!

Now, onto the review! What you see when you first open the mailing envelope is the adorable packaging that Morgan uses for each bookmark. There’s a bunch of little squiggly paper pieces (similar to the “filling” you see in bookish subscription boxes) to “cushion” the bookmarks and fill the package even more. There’s also a handwritten note along with her business card. Each bookmark is wrapped in tissue paper that is stamped with “Oh Canada” and sealed with a cute sticker that says “Open Me!” To top it off, there’s a beige textured string (I don’t know how else to describe it so just refer to the picture I included above this paragraph).

Each bookmark is designed by Morgan and printed onto a gorgeous high-quality card stock material (high gloss makes the bookmark even more stunning). The bookmarks are then cut to have rounded edges and a maple leaf is hole-punched into the corner (the most adorable way to add a touch of Canada). Due to the bookmark’s material, they are quite durable! They’re the perfect amount of flimsy that a bookmark needs. Each bookmark is perfect or any size book, even mass-market paperbacks!

Make sure to go buy some gorgeous, affordable bookmarks before it’s too late. You can use my rep discount code, PLENTIFUL10 at checkout tog get 10% off of your entire purchase!

TheGraduatedBookmark Etsy Shop

TheGraduatedBookmark Instagram Account

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