How To: Survive A Reading Slump!

We’ve all been there. That dreaded time when we don’t have any motivation to read, and can’t finish a book. You may also know this as, a reading slump. Don’t fear the reading slump, because with these tips, your reading slump will be over sooner than you think!

Tip 1: Watch some booktube videos!

This is something that I do all the time, but especially when I’m in a slump! I find that watching booktube (whether it be tags, hauls, wrap-ups, etc.) really helps because, seeing other people being enthusiastic about books will bing your love of books back to life!

Tip 2: Read some blog posts!

You don’t have to have a blog to do this! You can either subscribe to blogs via email and find new posts from that, or you could just look on Twitter/Instagram/YouTube for links to people’s new posts and read them from there! This tip ties into the first tip because, like watching people be enthusiastic about books on booktube, the same thing can happen while reading blog posts! Maybe reading some blog posts is exactly what you need to shake your slump!

Tip 3: Reread one of your favourite books!

If your slump feels like it’s lasting forever, this tip is for you! Whenever I can’t seem to shake a slump, I just walk over to my shelf, and pick up one of my favourite, light reads that I can always count on to pull me right out of my slump! In this case, it’s Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which is my go-to book whenever I am in a slump for too long.


From personal experience, forcing yourself to read is one of the worst things you can do in a slump. I know that all you want to do is read, but you just have to accept the fact that you’re in a slump. Try doing something other than reading and maybe it’ll take your mind of the fact that you’re in a slump. Something I always do whenever I am in a slump is colour! I love my adult colouring book! You don’t have to colour, just do something you like! Whether it’s drawing, writing, or maybe you could design a bookmark! Just do something other than reading that interests you!

I hope that if you’re in a slump, these tips will help you! Together we can conquer the terrible reading slump!


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